The Key To Waking Up by Runa Nelson (ePUB)

key waking up, runa nelson

The Key To Waking Up by Runa Nelson, Elsa Gryte – Free eBooks Download


It’s just one thing after another. Stolen from my home, taken from my friends, and robbed of my senses. I may have escaped the island, but I will live there forever. Locked in my own head, forced to relive every minute. Every second. The monsters are out to play. They haunt me, my nightmares, my existence. How can I remain the same person I once was?

She’s just supposed to be an assignment– something to watch over and toy around with. I don’t know if I’ll be able to save her from her demons, but maybe she can eventually join mine.
If she could just wake up for me.

This is an 18+ Dark Contemporary Romance with MF, Touch Her and Die, Secret Identity, and Damsel in Distress. Please look in the front of the book for the Trigger Warnings. Revised and updated. Previously published as: The Key To Supernova and Waking Up For Him under my pen name, Natasha Nelson.

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