The Jerk Who Saved Me by Ellie Rowe (ePUB)

jerk saved me, ellie rowe

The Jerk Who Saved Me by Ellie Rowe – Free eBooks Download


How do you mess up a fantastic playboy lifestyle? Easy. Fall in love with a real woman.

Smiling for the camera is a specialty of mine.
I mean, I’ve made a Hollywood career out of it.
Trouble is, this whole mess started as a self-indulgent yacht party.
Picture scantily-clad starlets and producers with me in the middle.
Then she had to come along.
On her sailboat, next to my 50 million dollar yacht.
She said she needed a rescue.
Veronica Swift.
The kind of woman that doesn’t put up with guys like me.
You think her kind just sits around while I’m off with models?
She has her own adventures and makes her own mark on the world.
Doesn’t care about my money or my fame.
So hot she makes those starlets wither next to her.
She isn’t gonna stand in my shadow.
She’s not gonna take any of my shenanigans.
And if I don’t like that I’ve fallen in love with a strong woman?
Well, no use crying over spilled bourbon.

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