The Hybrid Sovereign by Candy Crum (ePUB)

hybrid sovereign, candy crum

The Hybrid Sovereign (The Therian Throne #4) by Candy Crum, Amanda R. Browning – Free eBooks Download


The seal on Ash’s soul is broken, and Nadya is dead. Long live the queen?
The Therians know their salvation came at Ash’s hands. The court of public opinion isn’t happy, but that’s the least of her concerns.
The broken seal unleashed the magic within Ash—and she can’t control the power.
Everything around her changes faster than she can track. Then the inconceivable happens, upending Ash’s world and plans. Again.
She should have known Nadya’s evil machinations wouldn’t end with her death.
Taking control of the vampires and forging a new peace with the Therians after eons of war should earn Ash the right to sit at Luca’s side…
But not everyone is content to let the past go.

Can Ash maintain regal grace while overcoming the challenges to ascend as the Hybrid Sovereign? Or will she handle this with a liberal application of F-bombs and judicious ass-kicking as usual?

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  • The Hybrid Sovereign – Candy Crum, Amanda R. Browning ePUB



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