The Horned King by Karlee Berrios (ePUB)

horned king, karlee berrios

The Horned King (Zalig #1) by Karlee Berrios – Free eBooks Download


Dead or alive, all bow to the Horned King

In a realm of warring nations, the formidable King Kairon, with his gift of necromancy, reigns Oksangui with an iron fist. His chilling magic reignite ancient feuds, and his rule is both feared and revered. When a representative from a rival country arrives, bearing her own hidden abilities, they’re thrown into a thrilling clash of power, passion, and destiny.
As whispers of betrayal and deadly plots threaten their homes, the sparks between the king and the enigmatic Elva transform into a slow-burning romance that will test their loyalties and challenge their very existence. With each encounter, their desires intensify, leaving Elva and Kai questioning everything they thought they knew about love, loyalty, and the true nature of their world.

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