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The Honorables: The Complete Series by Elizabeth Boyce – Free eBooks Download


No title? No power? No problem. The band of brothers known as The Honorables rock the Regency ton in this refreshing and sophisticated historical romance series by bestselling author Elizabeth Boyce.

Honor Among Thieves: Desperate measures spur Lorna to drastic circumstances when she joins a group of resurrectionists to help pay off her deceased brother’s gambling debts. By day, she’s a respectable lady of society; by night, she’s the infamous graverobber known only as The Blackbird. When she meets surgeon and anatomist Brandon Dewhurst, she experiences love for the first time. But when her secret identity is revealed and tragedy strikes, will that love be lost?

Truth Within Dreams: Desperate to escape her arranged marriage, Miss Claudia Baxter stages her own ruin in the bed of another man, Henry De Vere, a lifelong friend she trusts to go along with the ruse. But when her unwitting accomplice believes something actually happened between them, Claudia may be caught in her own trap.

Duty Before Desire: Consummate rake Lord Sheridan Zouche meets the one woman he cannot seduce—Arcadia Parks, an Englishwoman born and raised in India, who has just arrived in London to find a husband. With nothing to offer but his looks and charm, Sheri’s never been interested in marriage. But to win the favors of the lady he’s become obsessed with, Sheri will have to use every seductive trick at his disposal, and maybe one he’s never tried: love.

Valor Under Siege: Ambitious solicitor Norman Wynford-Scott’s life plan starts with running for the Parliament seat of a local village. Only trouble is, the irresistible woman who once ruined his good name is thwarting his campaign at every turn. Divorced and drink-addicted, Lady Elsa Fay has retreated to the family village of Fleck to regain her sobriety. She’s distracting herself from her troubles by organizing the Parliament campaign of her husband’s cousin. Shamed and determined, Elsa will do all she can to send her adversary packing—even if it means breaking her own heart in the process.

Love Beyond Measure: After a rough start in life, Harrison Dyer wanted a quiet, country existence. But fate (and a storm in the Indian Ocean) drives him to Siam, a world away from everything he’s ever known. In this beautiful, ancient land, Harrison finds Lamai, the woman who can soothe his battered heart. But European trade in the East can be a cutthroat affair—literally—and rivals from another company won’t let Harrison move in on their territory without a fight. Only if he and Lamai put their heads—and hearts—together can they finally find the peace and love they’ve been seeking.

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