The Honeymoon Gambit by I.M. Flippy (ePUB)

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The Honeymoon Gambit (Catalina Dreams #2) by I.M. Flippy – Free eBooks Download


Todd Ellis and Eric Yoo don’t exactly mesh.
So pretending to be a couple is not going to be easy.
At Jackson & Larrabee Associates, one of L.A.’s up and coming ad firms, they’re both rising stars.
There’s just something about Todd that rubs Eric the wrong way. Todd is messy, chaotic, and makes too many jokes.

Eric is too serious and has a huge stick up his ass. Todd wishes he would just loosen up. And if Todd always thought Eric was distractingly hot, well, that’s his business.
But when a new client invites Eric and Todd out to Catalina, it’s time to pull out all the stops. The gay couple that founded Gigi Entertainment have a lot of couples and families working for them.
So what better way to sell them on a campaign than by pretending to be a couple?
All they have to do is get through the week without killing each other…and somehow resist the growing sexual tension between them.

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