The Homewrecker’s Fate by Anne Storm (ePUB)

homewrecker's fate, anne storm

The Homewrecker’s Fate (Cheating Hearts) by Anne Storm – Free eBooks Download


I thought I was the only woman in his life.
We made promises, spoke of love, and I trusted him with everything.
Our hopes and dreams of a beautiful future together were flourishing as we talked about which one of us should transfer, so that we wouldn’t have to be long distance for two weeks out of every month anymore.
We were never a secret. My friends knew and loved him. Our coworkers at my branch office did as well.
Imagine my shock when, after ghosting me, he didn’t come alone during that transfer.
He brought his wife.
The one I never knew existed.
Everyone who knew we were together turned a cold shoulder my way. Suddenly, I was the homewrecker who put his marriage on the rocks.
No one cared that I didn’t know, that he devastated my life, ruined my work environment, and killed some of my friendships.
They didn’t care that he broke my heart and shattered my trust.
Nobody cared about any of it – except his wife.
She was determined to make everything right, and that started with an introduction to her best friend!

*The Cheating Hearts Series are standalone, angst-driven, contemporary romance novels with similar themes. They do not need to be read in any particular order and never have overlapping or continuing storylines. If cheating books bother you, this might not be the book/series for you, though the main characters (who get the happy ending) do not cheat on one another in this story!

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