The Holy Trinity Next Generation #1-6 by M.E. Clayton (ePUB)

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The Holy Trinity Next Generation #1-6 by M.E. Clayton – Free eBooks Download


The Holy Trinity Next Generation series is a collective story about proving you have what it takes when your family is being put to the test. With The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost, and The Church as your parents, failure isn’t an option and these six couples know it.

Vincent & Cira – When the first Fiore son and the only Benetti daughter clash, the fireworks are not only sizzling, but they’re also as dangerous as you would imagine.

Sal Jr. & Camilla – When Sal Jr. and Camilla finally find some middle ground in their battle for power, it’s where they least expect it, but neither is complaining anymore.

Emilio & Bianca – When the youngest Benetti Prince and the gorgeous marksman begin to bump heads, everyone’s eager to see who will come out the victor.

Angelo & Georgia – When Angelo becomes an obstacle, rather than an asset, Georgia doubles down and her determination has Angelo seeing her in a whole new light.

Dante & Malia – When the psychopath of the family and the sweetheart of the family come together to fight their enemy, all the family can do is stand back and watch.

Mattia & Remo – When Mattia and Remo find themselves in a precarious situation, the ripple effect is felt by everyone, and the fallout could prove deadly.

*NOTE: This is a collective work, and the story spans throughout the entire six books. The individual books could be considered cliff hangers.

**NOTE: This book contains sensitive subject matter that may be offensive to some readers. Please do not purchase if you are sensitive to violence, torture, explicit sexual scenes, or delicate situations.

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