The Heart of Psychos, Part One by Ames Mills (ePUB)

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The Heart of Psychos, Part One (Abbs Valley #6) by Ames Mills – Free eBooks Download


I spent one amazing night with the twins, Alexey and Dmitri Orlov, heirs to the Russian Mafia throne. We made a deal. One night with no strings attached. Now they’re convinced I’m theirs.
The only thing is, I don’t want to be attached. I wanted to experience what they were offering. Now I’m finding myself entangled in their lives. But they don’t come alone.
Ghost, Caden, and Banger come with their own secrets. Secrets that can kill. Secrets they’re running from.
We’re all running from something. It can be innocent or something more sinister.
I’m running from love, but this might be one thing I can’t outrun.

**The Heart of Psychos Part One is part of a duet and will end on a cliffhanger. It’s a reverse harem/polyamorous romance intended for mature readers only. The FMC doesn’t choose between love interests and there is male/male relationships/content. It’s set in a fictional city in California, Abbs Valley, and will be the first of this world with more to come. Be sure to check the content/trigger warnings in the front of the book before proceeding.

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