The Hand that Fractures by K.M. Mixon (ePUB)

hand that fractures, km mixon

The Hand that Fractures (The Butcher of Crows Hollow #2) by K.M. Mixon – Free eBooks Download


Someone’s killing in Crows Hollow again. And it’s not Neo Wade nor his deranged, stupid girl, Lyla Morris.

Both have been called back, lured by the scent of blood to the town where it all began for them nearly two years prior. And while they don’t know who is killing blonde women fresh from prison sentences, they’re determined to find out.
Because not only has the copycat deviated from the Bombshell Butcher’s M.O., but they’ve made a mockery of the hard work Neo did all those years ago as he cleaned scum from the streets of Crows Hollow.
Immerse yourself back into the unhinged world of Neo and Lyla as they go undercover to figure out who is dropping bodies in their old stomping grounds. But heed my warning, it’s not what you think.
It never is with the insane, in any case.

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  • The Hand that Fractures – K.M. Mixon ePUB



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