The Hacker’s Heart by Sav Uong (ePUB)

hacker's heart, sav uong

The Hacker’s Heart (The Three Rings #2) by Sav Uong – Free eBooks Download


After taking the life of a high ranking member of the Irish Mafia to protect his friend and confidant, Issac Maus, Thomas O’Malley wants out — to live a safe and normal life.
Two months later, Thomas has thrown himself into his new life — school, friends, dating — the picture of a normal life, right? Then why does he keep finding himself entangled in the schemes of the Three Rings, only to be rescued by the kind (and disarmingly handsome) Seong: Hacker Snake of the Italian Mafia? Thomas knows he should keep his distance, but how can he when one of the few places he truly feels safe is in Seong’s presence? If he can’t live a normal life, maybe he can settle for honest.
Seong “Snake” Kim is perfectly happy to focus on his work — even if his work is using his unique computer skills for the dark purposes of the Italian Mafia. When the young and handsome Thomas O’Malley, asks him him about honest computer careers, Seong intended on showing Thomas some resources and sending him on his way — determined not to pass on the teachings of his “mentor.” But, like a boomerang, Thomas keeps coming back — no matter how hard Seong tries to throw him. More than that, every time, Seong has a harder time letting go. Can Seong find a balance? Not just for the sake of Thomas’s future but for his own sanity? Or will a darkness from his own past drive them into each other’s arms until no force will break them apart?

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