The Grouchy Lumberjack’s Bride by Kat Baxter (ePUB)

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The Grouchy Lumberjack’s Bride (The Mountain Men of Saddle Creek #2) by Kat Baxter – Free eBooks Download


Once upon a time Cain Bishop and I were inseparable. All through high school we were two peas in the proverbial pod, but then I did something he’ll never forgive. Now, he’s going to lose custody of his half-sister unless he comes up with a bride, STAT. I’ll do whatever he needs, even be his wife of convenience. I’m prepared for him to be indifferent or platonic, but nothing could have prepared me for the hungry way he looks at me.

There was a time, when I was young, that I would have done anything to make Jade Larson my wife. Even knowing she’s way too good for me; a curvaceous princess used to the finer things in life I’ll never be able to give her. When she went behind my back and did something I can’t ever forgive, I forced myself to walk away from her, but I never stopped wanting her. Now, I have to swallow my damn pride and marry her for the sake of keeping custody of my half-sister. How am I supposed to keep my hands off Jade once she’s my bride, when every instinct I have demands that I claim her, body and soul?

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