The Good and the Green by Amy Yorke (ePUB)

good and green, amy yorke

The Good and the Green (The Wilderise Tales #1) by Amy Yorke – Free eBooks Download


A city girl trying to make the rent finds something priceless in a cozy cottage in the magical kingdom of Wilderise

When Alison Lennox learns of her surprise inheritance of a country estate, she knows exactly what to do: sell it. Her late father set her on the path to career success and gleaming dwarven highrises, not backbreaking labor and leaky thatched roofs.
All she needs to do to keep her life on track is get in, flip the cottage, and get out, hopefully with a pocket full of coin for the effort.
The only problem? Everything in the nearby village is annoyingly charming. The quaint shops, the sweet little old ladies, the adorable talking cat.
And reclusive doctor Keir Ainsley is the worst of them all. At first, he’s good and irritating, and he’s definitely wrong about where his property ends and hers begins. But then he has to go and save her life from a DIY disaster. And then he shows her that under his bristly exterior, there’s a tenderness that feels familiar and right.
But the town does have a problem. A mysterious vine is spreading through the land, choking out everything in its path. “Cute cottage; minor overgrowth issue–probably not poisonous” isn’t going to work as a real estate listing, but that’s not all that’s wrong. The deeper her connection to Keir and the town grows, the further she strays from the life her father wanted for her.

And she’ll have to dig deep into the town’s thorny past to have any hope of stopping the vine.

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