The Gargoyle Catch by Emily Cane (ePUB)

gargoyle catch, emily cane

The Gargoyle Catch (Cupcakes & Monster Boyfriends #2) by Emily Cane – Free eBooks Download


Kiss a frog, and he might turn into a prince. Kiss a handsome stranger and he transforms — into a gargoyle?
I’m not your average succubus. Instead of hitting the clubs and mingling with strangers, I spend my nights alone on my sofa, with a book and my bad-tempered cat. But my life energy is running dry, and the Paranormal Administration is hot on my trail. Suddenly I have a deadline of three days to find a suitable partner.
Luckily, fate dices Felix Harris at my feet. The filthy rich and overworked CEO would be the perfect candidate, tall, ginger, heart-stopping smile — and leaving in a few days.
However, a terrible curse weighs on him, as I quickly find out. And although the attraction between us sparks like an iron foundry, touching him spells trouble. But with the clock ticking and my energy waning, Felix is more than willing to play the role of my gallant savior, and sure enough, as soon as we kiss, chaos ensues.
A delicious kind of chaos, that comes with wings and fangs, rocky hard muscles and searing hot kisses. And I can’t deny the butterflies in my belly every time we touch.
But the authorities are counting down the hours until I run out of juice, and then his recent past is paying a surprise visit to shake things up.
Are we really up for this? When push comes to shove, will he run for the hills, or catch me when I fall?

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