The Four Horsemen by Bellamy Roswell (ePUB)

four horsemen, bellamy roswell

The Four Horsemen (Servite Academy For Troubled Teens #1) by Bellamy Roswell – Free eBooks Download


Naïveté – lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment
I was foolish to once believe I knew the truth about this world and those who inhabit it.
Naïve really.
I knew there was good and evil. Right and wrong. Rich and poor. Love and hate. Happiness and sadness. But I didn’t know the half of it. I understood it was either or, that the two opposites were not interchangeable. If one was good, they were happy. If one was poor, they were sad. And if one was evil, they were wrong. But the events to come would make me question everything I thought I knew. My life thus far had been a never-ending nightmare of good versus evil, right versus wrong.
Or so I had thought.
And then one day when I thought this life couldn’t get any more complicated, I met them.
The Horsemen.
Four highly influential, egotistical, and sardonic men who live for power and thrive on the following of others. Vultures roaming the weak and looking forward to their demise. Causing their demise.
The fucking kings of the fucked-up apocalypse we call life. And he stands front and center, like the true king he is.
Ace Fucking Servite.
I hate everything he stands for. I hate all of those around him. So why can’t I get myself to hate him.

We blindly follow orders. We conquer, defeat, and capture. We govern, torture, and kill if need be. We’re the horsemen of the Apocalypse to come. Created to rid our town and those surrounding it of its sinners, there is no good left in us.
But then there she was, the embodiment of salvation.
My redemption.
An angel with the mouth of a devil. A devil with the eyes of an angel. A dream come to life. A nightmare I don’t want to wake up from.
Blurring the line between heaven and hell can be dangerous for someone on either side. But what happens when in reality hell is a place on Earth, and heaven is in her arms?

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