The Foster Dad’s Peridot by Euryia Larsen (ePUB)

foster dad's peridot, euryia larsen

The Foster Dad’s Peridot (Jewel of the Month #8) by Euryia Larsen – Free eBooks Download


Alastair Heney
It was a business arrangement, which only lasted less than a week before a drunk driver took Candace Winter’s life. Little did I know Candace had a daughter. If I wanted the merger of our companies to happen I would have to get her to agree.

Peridot Winters
I hadn’t spoken to my mother since I graduated high school. She was a cold, driven woman. I was the daughter she never wanted. Now I have to handle her estate as her only known relative. Alastair Heney leaves me speechless when he surprises me at the airport. His talk of mergers and business numbers goes over my head.

As we get closer, I find myself falling for this older man but can I trust that he wants me and not just my mom’s company? What happens when his secret comes to light? Will we be able to move forward? Can we overcome all the odds?

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