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The Firsts (The Guzzi Legacy #7) by Bethany-Kris – Free eBooks Download


Corrado, Alessio and Ginevra have just started to make a home in New York. They wish they could be together more, but the love is still so good … something else might make it even better, too.

Christopher and Valeria, happy in their new marriage far away from the cartel and the past, move forward in their life one step at a time—and always together.

After everything that happened between Vanna, Bene, and la famiglia, the upcoming birth of their baby might be the one thing that could bring everyone back together again.

Beni and August put their careers first while also trying to find the right balance together to make everything work when a double surprise comes along that neither of them expected …

Marcus and Cella have a lot going on between their unexpected pregnancy, planning a wedding, and moving – all before the babies make their debut. But he’ll make it happen for her … if only she says yes.

Featuring every Guzzi brother, their spouses, new additions, and the rest of the gang, Bethany-Kris invites readers to join the family to welcome the first children of the next generation. The Firsts is a 52k companion novel to The Guzzi Legacy Series broken into separate novellas for each couple, and should not be read as a standalone.

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