The Final Lap by Hazel Snow (ePUB)

final lap, hazel snow

The Final Lap (SteelTrack Racing #1) by Hazel Snow – Free eBooks Download


He thinks he can win the race and claim me for his prize. I’ll show him we’re only on the first lap.

He’s my boss…
Boone Rivers is NASCAR royalty. When his little sister hires me as his assistant, I leap at the chance. His instant rejection doesn’t frighten me. After all, he needs my help to be the next racing hotshot. It’s not like I’d fall for a grumpy race car driver like Boone, right?
There’s only one problem. I’m keeping a secret that could wreck his career. Telling him the truth will destroy us both.

She’s my distraction…
All that matters is my next win. It’s time to create a legacy separate from my famous father. I don’t do girlfriends, and I won’t get involved with my new assistant.
Everything changes the night I invite her into my bed. Madelyn insists we can never be, even as she craves my touch. I’m going to find out why because once will never be enough.
I want to create the next race car dynasty and take her for my trophy.
Madelyn is about to learn how far I’ll go, on and off the track.

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