The Fate of the Fae Queen by Leigh Haile (ePUB)

fate fae queen, leigh haile

The Fate of the Fae Queen by Leigh Haile – Free eBooks Download


The pressure mounts for me to find my Luna, but commitment isn’t my style; I crave the game.
Everything changes at my ascension party when she appears in the crowd. Our eyes lock, and my wolf senses what my heart denies—I’ve found my mate.
Yet, she vanishes like smoke, leaving only the lingering scent of intrigue.
Tracking her to my office, I confront her with a question, and she responds with a blatant lie about getting lost on the way to the bathroom.
She’s wrapped in mystery, concealed in baggy clothes, and I’m captivated by the enigma.
In the world of dominance and desire, I’m determined to unravel the secrets she hides.
The chase is on, and this player is ready to catch more than just her scent.

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