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The Face-Off (Colorado Coyotes #5) by Brenda Rothert – Free eBooks Download


It was an average day in my above-average life: wake up hungover with a woman I just met, part ways, then drive to the arena for a home game with my pro hockey team. But when my car breaks down on the highway, a stunning waitress named Tess pulls over and surprises me by easily fixing it.
Great little detour in my routine, right? It would’ve been if her kid hadn’t lifted my wallet. Now I have to find Tess and get it back. When I discover that the money’s gone, Tess insists that her son work off the debt to me. And the more I get to know the spirited single mom and her hilarious family, the more I find myself at a crossroads. I’m in a personal face-off: The man I’ve always been vs. the man I want to be for Tess and her kids.

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