The Enchantress by E.L. Jones (ePUB)

enchantress, el jones

The Enchantress (Minister’s Grove #1) by E.L. Jones – Free eBooks Download


I never felt so strongly for a stranger before.
I can’t sleep, eat or live without thinking of her.
And this stranger, Iris, really knows how to piss me off.
An Orphan witch with a sharp tongue, a short lived amnesia, new guardian to her grandmother’s pentagram, she makes me feel something I never felt or experienced before.
I was hoping her bartender/clairvoyant best friend Sara can help her be more lady like, but looks like my hopes are dashed. Most especially since she was thinking I was after Iris to harm her.
Loads of fanatical witches coming after Iris can’t be good and it appears to me that instead of scaring Iris off, it somehow enhances her abilities.
Her crazy evil auntie is constantly after her, carrying on about what is rightfully hers, and I see that pissing me off runs in the family.
What has gotten into me? This is not my war and yet I still have this overwhelming need to protect her, even if she makes my blood boil…

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