The Elysean Trials by D.N. Hoxa (ePUB)

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The Elysean Trials (The Holy Bloodlines #1) by D.N. Hoxa – Free eBooks Download


Welcome to the Elysean city of Idaea, where magic lingers in the air and those who wield it are considered gods. Grab a drink, sit back and relax: the world’s most important event in the last 4 years is about to begin…

Sera Sinclair never believed that Elyseans, descendants of the Olympian gods, are worthy of worship. She knows exactly how un-godlike they can be, so she plans to stay far away from them for the rest of her life.
But the deadly Elysean Trials are right around the corner, and when they unleash their strange birds with crystal eyes to choose “worthy mortals” as candidates, one of them chooses Sera.
She tries to refuse, tries to run away, but she’s forced into the Trials anyway. For the next three weeks, she has to live with them in their fancy Palace, and compete in their impossible challenges just to survive.
The other mortals are against her. The Elyseans despise her—especially Shade, who comes from Hades’s bloodline, and loves to remind her how perfectly powerless against them she is…at first.
But Sera has her stories. Growing up among the worst of Elysean fanatics, she knows every god story better than most. And Shade, with storms for eyes and darkness at his fingertips, will break his own rules for Sera. The more they get to know each other, the faster they turn from enemies, to unlikely friends—and so much more.
Nothing in the Palace is what it seems, and maybe even her past isn’t quite what she remembers, either. But one thing is certain: her life is not the only thing Sera stands to lose in these Trials. Her heart is in just as much danger.

***This book contains very explicit romantic scenes.

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