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The Duke of Thorns (Regency Hearts #5) by Jennifer Monroe – Free eBooks Download


(This is the 2nd edition of the book of the same title previously published under the Defiant Brides series by Jennifer Monroe.)

Benjamin, 5th Duke of Thornbrook, caught but one glimpse of the golden-haired beauty and knew he had to possess her. With her father’s estate failing, Benjamin offers him the chance to save it—if he’s willing to give away his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Benjamin will honor and respect her, but he will never love her. He cannot take that chance again…
Lady Cecilia Birks had hoped to one day marry for love. What she had never considered was having to marry to save her family’s estate. And certainly not to the cold-hearted man known as the Duke of Thorns. Handsome he may be, but his cruel demeanor only confirms her heart will never be his.

That is until his hard exterior begins to crumble…
Benjamin rules his marriage with an iron fist, lest Cecilia sees him as weak. Although he tries to protect his scarred heart, his new bride lowers his defenses. From her warm smile to her gentle touch, Benjamin considers if love is truly worth opening old wounds…
If you love marriages of convenience and deep-rooted love stories for which the couple must fight, then you will LOVE Jennifer Monroe’s The Duke of Thorns. This swoon-worthy sweet romance will have you cheering until the end.

This is the 2nd edition of the book of the same title previously published in Jennifer’s Defiant Brides series. It is a standalone sweet Regency romance you will greatly enjoy.

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