The Dragon, the Bear, and Their Sugar Glider Omega by Lorelei M. Hart (ePUB)

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The Dragon, the Bear, and Their Sugar Glider Omega (Omegas of Animals: SD #10) by Lorelei M. Hart, Wendy Rathbone – Free eBooks Download


Dragons don’t always lay eggs. Sometimes their sugar glider mate does.
Alpha dragon shifter Rome is the failure of all dragons. His hoard is useless, he no longer has a flight, and he’s working not one, but two minimum wage jobs to make ends meet. He dreams of life with a mate and a family, but who would want a loser like him?
Omega sugar glider shifter Clayborne is adorable. Everyone says so. But the second they find out he’s a trust fund billionaire, all they care about is his money and he’s fed up. He leaves the East coast to find a new place to live, someplace where he is just Clay. He even gets a “real” job working at Animals, the hot shifter club.
Alpha bear shifter Armel loves San Diego, but his bear has been getting antsy. He longs for a mate, one to grow old with. When the hot new server at Animals shows an interest, he reluctantly turns him down. Sure, the sugar glider is hot and has both he and his beast’s full attention, but he’s not their mate. Why bother starting something when your future is already doomed?
Then the night of Animal’s Anniversary party, Armel scents the air and everything changes. Clay wasn’t his mate, he was one of two mates and now the two of them need to find their third. If only he wasn’t playing hard to get.

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  • The Dragon, the Bear, and Their Sugar Glider Omega – Lorelei M. Hart, Wendy Rathbone ePUB



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