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dragon prince, anna santos

The Dragon Prince (The Enchanted Kingdoms Chronicles #1) by Anna Santos – Free eBooks Download


A cursed prince with a heart of ice who no longer believes he can be saved. A maiden with an attitude and fairies sidekicks. A powerful witch who doesn’t want the curse to be broken. What can possibly go wrong?

In the Diamond Kingdom lives a cursed prince whose mood swings influence the weather. The constant winter makes living there almost unbearable. Yet, no one can leave since they are all as cursed as their prince.
Each year a maiden is chosen to be sent to the Diamond Palace. The people hope that she ends the curse that plagues their kingdom and afflicts their prince.
This year, it’s Claire’s turn. Everybody expects her to succeed where others have failed. Included her best friend and her parents. But the cold prince presents himself a bigger challenge than she expected, and the one who cursed the prince doesn’t like to play by the rules.

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