The Don’s Heart of Italy by Amber Row (ePUB)

don's heart italy, amber row

The Don’s Heart of Italy by Amber Row – Free eBooks Download


Stealing from a Mafia Don can cost me my life.

The Heart of Italy: rumored to be crafted by the Gods,
split in two and lost in time.
Rafaele, a ruthless Mafia Don, possesses one-half,
While learning his enemy, Fiero possesses the other.
Now we’re tasked to steal it from him.
But father, with a sleight of hand, snatched Rafaele’s first.
This cost him his life.
Now, to stay alive, I must finish the job by infiltrating Fiero’s world.
He’s a kingpin as lethal as a viper, tatted with piercing hazel eyes,
And a charm potent enough to relieve any woman of her heart and panties.
I vowed to resist him, yet the way he licks his lips,
Whispering threats disguised as promises has me riding him like a mechanical bull.
Now I have a bigger problem.
Instead of stealing his half of the heart, Fiero cunningly steals mine.
And with the eyes of the underworld watching my every move,
failing to retrieve the gem is a death sentence.

If I don’t secure what I came for, the next blood spilled will be my own.

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