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The Do-Over (Men of the Mountains #4) by Layla Valentine – Free eBooks Download


The most hated man in town is back, And what’s worse? I can’t resist him

HIM: I’m the bad-boy ghost of my small town’s past. Twelve years ago, I had all the makings of an NFL legend; who cared if I pissed off a few people along the way?
Well, I’m not that guy anymore. After an injury that cut my career short, I made a life for myself in the mountains, far away from the mistakes of my youth, and the people who cursed my name.
I never signed up to be a rancher, but as it turns out, it’s the last piece of my parents I have left. The least I can do is honor their legacy, painful as it is.
If I’m ever to make a life for myself in this town, I’m gonna have to ask for forgiveness from a lot of people,
And Amy McGuire is the first person on my list…

HER: He’s a little grizzlier than I remember him – though that jock swagger never truly went away,
But James Bramford, former football star turned cabin-dwelling recluse, is back in our hometown.
And what’s more, he seems different, grown – not to mention hotter than ever.
I was happy thinking I’d seen the last of him, all those years ago,
But now that he’s back in my life, I’m starting to like the idea of him sticking around.

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