The Divorcee’s Guide To Picking Up Vampires by Louisa Blake (ePUB)

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The Divorcee’s Guide To Picking Up Vampires (Magical Midlife and Mayhem #1) by Louisa Blake – Free eBooks Download


What do you award yourself when you walk in on your husband and your business partner tangoing in ways one should not tango? A one-way ticket back home.
That would be how I ended up back home in Cummings Cove, teenage daughter in tow, surrounded by the Coven of Witches that raised me. Their golden child, the ‘most powerful witch in an age’, had returned. They were thrilled.
Except there’s one problem, my magic isn’t what it used to be. And now, I’m one sneeze away from giving my daughter a pig’s nose.
That’s not the only problem that awaits me in Cummings Cove. Landon Andrews, my high school boyfriend and long forgotten fiancé. He never left home, and it just so happens that he’s everywhere.
And I mean everywhere; with those perfect abs and perfect eyes and perfect everything trying to weasel his way back into my life after twenty years away. I won’t let him. No matter how hard he tries to sink his teeth in.
Which is probably for the best, because it turns out that he has a secret that might get both of us killed.
Let’s get Bit! And dive in!

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