The Divine Roses by Richard Amos (ePUB)

divine roses, richard amos

The Divine Roses (Jake & Dean Investigations #3) by Richard Amos – Free eBooks Download


Hello, answers? You there?

A mystery here, a headache there. Jake Winter and Dean Tseng have mysteries coming at them from all angles. When one is solved, another always seems to pop up in its place. They’re like the most annoying weeds ever! Its enough to make anyone want to quit!

And the crazy shows no signs of stopping. For one thing, there’s a killer stalking the famous windows of Amsterdam’s red-light district, leaving the victims with the crude mark of a rose painted onto their flesh. Plus, Dean’s dad is coming to visit—which isn’t gonna be fun.

The streets become deadlier every day… Along with all the other stuff to deal with, the Conclave continues to grow, spreading its lies and poison, gunning for some warped version of holy revenge. Add in a famous siren pop star rolling into the city after receiving a deadly package from an enemy of Jake and Dean’s, and there’s a heady mix of drama ready to go! Why can’t life just be about hot chocolate and snuggles on the sofa?
A couple of guys can only dream…

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