The Devils and Their Doll by Marissa Farrar (ePUB)

devils their doll, marissa farrar

The Devils and Their Doll (Verona Falls University #2) by Marissa Farrar, S.R. Jones – Free eBooks Download


They are the Devils of Verona Falls and I’m their little doll.
They want to mold me into their perfect plaything, but I won’t break for them.
They tried to ruin me, but they pushed too far.
They made me sick, and now they’re sorry. They say they wish to put things right.
But they’re the Devils of Verona Falls—Domenic, Kirill, and Valentino—and their version of making amends is as depraved as they are.
They carve me into their special doll, and twist and turn me the way they want.
Yet as we all grow closer and our game gets deeper, I’m learning they have secrets too.
Dangerous ones.
Soon all four of us have to decide – do we dive deeper into the chaos that is us, or swim for the shore?
Except soon … we may no longer have a choice.

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