The Devil and the Debutante by Christi Caldwell (ePUB)

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The Devil and the Debutante (The Heart of a Duke #20) by Christi Caldwell – Free eBooks Download


A Dastardly Villain
Rex DuMond, the Marquess of Rutherford, rules over London’s most wicked gaming hell Forbidden Pleasures. His black-hearted peers might spend their evenings in polite society, but they spend their nights gambling their wealth, land, and secrets away at his tables. No man can turn him from his chosen life of decadence and debauchery, not even his domineering and disapproving father.

A Daring Young Woman
Lady Faith Brookfield hasn’t forgotten the night she entered Forbidden Pleasures and crossed paths with the dark, seductive gaming hell owner. That night, however, she discovered more than a dangerous attraction, she also uncovered dangerous secrets–ones that can avenge past wrongs against her aunt and save other young women from suffering a similar fate.

A Dangerous Gamble
In order to save his gaming empire, Rex has no choice but to pursue the innocent debutante for the secrets she holds. Can true love ever be born in treachery and deceit? Accustomed to a world where the house always wins, Rex must wager all he owns on the greatest gamble of all…love.

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