The Destruction of Dahlia by A.R. Breck (ePUB)

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The Destruction of Dahlia (The Bones of Betrayal #2) by A.R. Breck – Free eBooks Download


With the flames of my past behind me, I spread my wings and fly.
Eternal scars stay etched into my bones, and I allow my former self to die.
Vivianna Finch no longer exists.
In her place is Vale Finley.
A new life, a new name, and a desperate attempt to heal my wounds.
Though, all the hiding in the world won’t keep Hades Gray away.
I war with the blood in my veins to stay away from the man who destroyed me.
It feels futile, until I meet Princeton Grant.
He’s a breath of fresh air in the stifling shadows of my life.
A whirlwind romance, which fills my heart and crushes my soul.
The devil always dresses in sheep’s clothing.
Yet, Hades Gray is never far away.
He’s ever-present, reminding me of what we were.
What we are.
I am his butterfly.
It takes the devil revealing himself for me to realize what I’ve lost.
What I’ve been searching for my entire life.
My home. My heart.
Hades Gray.

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