The Designated +1 by Ellie Cahill (ePUB)

designated plus one, ellie cahill

The Designated +1 (Cordially Invited #2) by Ellie Cahill – Free eBooks Download


6 weddings, 2 old friends, 1 childhood crush that left her crushed.

Hadley isn’t exactly leading a life that anyone would call #goals: living with her parents and walking dogs for money. This should be the perfect time to avoid seeing too many people, so the half dozen wedding invitations waiting for her RSVP feel awfully judgey. Especially the one from her childhood crush.
So when Hadley runs into her old friend, Will, who seems to be a fellow resident of Loserville, she wonders if they can’t help each other out. A simple agreement to avoid banishment to the dreaded Singles’ Table.
All Hadley wants is show her childhood crush what he’s been missing all these years. Chicken or beef? If it’s up to her, this groom is going to eat his heart out.
Even if he is Will’s brother.

The Designted +1 is a Stand-Alone Romantic Comedy. Each book in the Cordially Invited Series can be read as a stand-alone

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