The Demon’s Pet by Domino Savage (ePUB)

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The Demon’s Pet (Rise of the Morningstar #1) by Domino Savage – Free eBooks Download


He looks like an angel, acts like a demon and has the powers of a god…and I’m his pet.

When I found out I was the omega of my wolf pack in the celestial havens, I felt like dying.
When I was stoned for rejecting the son of the pack’s alpha, I almost died for real.
But it turns out the town’s hellion is actually possessed, so I managed to turn things around on them. Too bad it just meant they called in the archangels, the powerful celestial enforcers, to end me.
That’s how Sam, the dangerous bad boy of the archangels, came into my life.
As my executioner.
With his ethereal beauty, tattoos and magnificent black wings, everything about him screams fallen angel. But Sam hasn’t fallen at all. He’s at the very top of the food chain.
And I quickly see how capable he is of ending life…or saving it.
So when he offers me a deal that leads to me being on a leash and him sparing me a bloody death, I’m apt to take it.
Even if it means I’m now on the most dangerous journey of my life. Outside my sheltered haven, beyond the veil, to find out what I really am…
Besides the demon’s pet.

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