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dead saint, kathryn trattner

The Dead Saint (Blood and Rubies #1) by Kathryn Trattner – Free eBooks Download


The Saint will rise.
Sorcha, a priestess raised in the confines of the Golden Citadel and sheltered from the world, knows nothing beyond her small sphere. Chosen to be the vessel for the Saint, a living extension of a god now more legend than reality, she has had every desire fulfilled. No one, not even Sorcha, truly believes she will be called on to perform the ancient magic necessary to resurrect the dead god.
But war is raging on the continent and a terrible horde is marching thousands of miles toward the citadel. As kingdoms fall and cities burn, a rumor spreads—the Empire is searching for the Saint.

Blood will flow.
Adrian, known and feared as the Wolf, has won one brutal victory after another for the Empire of the Snake. Reviled as a monster and leader of the Empire’s elite killing force, he has been tasked with finding the woman capable of resurrecting a myth.
He doesn’t believe the legends about the Saint or in the woman’s ability to usher in a new era. But there is no room for failure and time is running out as a mysterious illness strikes the court and threatens the life of the Empress he’s sworn to protect.

Resurrection is coming.
Only Sorcha can bring together the scattered relics and perform the magic necessary to resurrect the Saint. But her value to the Empire vanishes the moment the Saint is reborn.
Adrian will make every sacrifice to ensure the stability of the Empire and the continued existence of those in power. Even if that means the death of the woman who has opened his eyes to the world beyond constant war.
Together they will face danger and have their loyalties tested. Choices must be made—is Sorcha the woman the temple raised her to be? Is Adrian the heartless killer the empire created?
Only the Saint can decide.

The Dead Saint ends on a cliffhanger which will be resolved in book two, The Living Saint.

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