The Cyborg’s Temptation by Maya Carnage (ePUB)

cyborg's temptation, maya carnage

The Cyborg’s Temptation (Teraz #5) by Maya Carnage – Free eBooks Download


Their fight for freedom is almost won, but will the Malviks outsmart them one last time?

Enzo’s a human sympathizer. There is nothing else he’d rather be doing than fighting the Malviks and freeing the humans from their control. He’s finally on Earth and ready to take down the enemy. However, he’s stuck in the middle of the mountains with a grumpy and stiff woman. That’s not a part of his plan. Terri tries her best to put distance between them. She doesn’t realize how stubborn he is when getting what he wants, though. Falling in love during a war sounds reckless, but he can’t help the feelings inside of him. Caught in the middle of doing his duty to take out the enemy and protecting the woman he’s falling in love with, what will he do?
Terri enjoys her simple, quiet life. She’s perfectly fine with working on the farm and keeping to herself. It’s all thrown out of whack when she is enlisted in helping the rebellion defeat the Malviks. As if she’s capable of destroying them. Perhaps she could knit them a sweater that suffocates them? To make it worse, the annoying cyborg she’s stuck with is getting under her skin. He’s cute and funny, which makes her warm inside. It’s terrifying, especially when her life is on the line after getting in the middle of the battle between good and evil.

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