The Cowboy of the Mountain by Tessa Klein (ePUB)

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The Cowboy of the Mountain (Mountain Men of Whispering Winds #8) by Tessa Klein – Free eBooks Download


He’s my older brother’s best friend. A single dad. My forbidden crush.
The one man I shouldn’t have a one-night stand with.
I haven’t seen Wyatt Hartwell in nearly a decade, but it takes me a split second to recognize him. Can’t say the same for him. He has no clue he just rescued his best friend’s little sister from a drunken idiot.
It would hurt if it didn’t feel so good to have all of Wyatt’s attention on me. Finally.
His intense gaze makes me feel wanted. His gruff voice and commanding presence make me melt. And his touch makes me swoon.
I pass out and he calls a doctor. It’s a whole thing. I swear it’s because I haven’t eaten all day. Nothing to worry about.
But Wyatt isn’t buying it. He invites me to his farmhouse for a home-cooked meal, but we never make it to his kitchen. We barely make it to the front door before… Ahem.
I was supposed to leave before his son came back. Oops. His son corners me in the kitchen, and one mini interrogation later, I’m his new nanny and Wyatt finds out my little secret.
But he doesn’t care that I’m his best friend’s little sister. He’s obsessed. He wants… me.
No matter the cost.

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