The Cowboy Contract by BA Tortuga (ePUB)

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The Cowboy Contract (Foster Ranch #1) by BA Tortuga – Free eBooks Download


Ryder Vittor has almost everything he could ever want. He was a successful bull rider, he runs a rodeo company and a ranch for his family, and he’s right where he wants to be. Until his grandmother issues him an ultimatum. Now he has to get married and have kids if he wants to keep the life he loves, but he can’t exactly produce a man and a baby out of thin air, can he? So he sets out to hire a husband in order to get what he needs.
Kase McDaniel is at the end of his rope. His bull riding career has ended in a bad crash, his family doesn’t want him back, and he has nowhere to go. When Ryder offers to let him come stay at Ryder’s New Mexico ranch, he’s grateful, but he’s stunned when he finds out Ryder intends to make a contract with a stranger to marry him and raise kids with him. Kase has been in love with Ryder for years, so why shouldn’t he put in for the job?
Neither one of them has any idea what they’re setting in motion when they tie the knot, and soon they’re overrun with foster kids, rodeo family, and more. Can Kase and Ryder find something real in all the chaos, or will they be parting ways when the contract ends?

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