The Court that Bleeds Gold by Zara Storm (ePUB)

court that bleeds gold, zara storm

The Court that Bleeds Gold (Gold Weaver #1) by Zara Storm – Free eBooks Download


Desperate to escape marrying a brutal king, I make a deal with a Fae Prince…
“I can spin gold,” I lie.
With my life at stake, I have no other choice.
I get one chance to turn my lie into truth, and I’m shocked when I succeed.
But now the cruel human king demands I become his wife—passing between his bed and being locked away in a tower, spinning gold until my last breath.
My only way out is to summon him.
A brutal Fae prince.
The deal we strike is sickening, but it’s the only way I’ll live after I’m caught escaping.
My new captor drags me back to his realm.
A place of profound beauty and savage cruelties.
As wicked fairies play sadistic games, the prince is my sole protector.
He’s not just protecting me, though. He’s guarding his own secrets.
I should hate him. But our pact shows me a side his court never sees.
There is more behind his monstrous mask.
I can’t stop myself from looking.
Especially when I learn what he really wants with me.

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