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In the bustling heart of Central London and the rugged Cornish coast, Tom and Mel each own extraordinary hotels catering to the elite. Tom’s retreat, a converted tin mine on the precipice of the Atlantic Ocean, stands in stark contrast to Mel’s sky-reaching haven overlooking Hyde Park. As their worlds collide, a tale of compromise and unexpected connections unfolds.
When Melanie Taylor is dispatched to Cornwall by her father to secure shares in a quaint hotel, she dismisses the opportunity, deeming its rural locale and size incompatible with profitability. Meanwhile, Tom Maynard, mourning his wife’s passing, has transformed an old tin mine into an exclusive retreat. Beyond its walls lie hidden treasures—a rock pool with a view of the sea, a gym with water coursing beneath glass flooring, and a private beach beneath its foundations.
As Mel and Tom navigate the complexities of their businesses, they discover a connection that transcends the professional realm. However, Mother Nature has her own plans. A formidable storm sweeps across the southwestern peninsula, snatching Tom’s teenage daughter, Amy. In a race against time, can Mel and Tom set aside their differences and work together to find Amy before it’s too late?

Amid chaos and adversity, love blossoms, offering a ray of sunshine in both Mel and Tom’s lives. “The Cornish Retreat” is a captivating tale of business, unexpected connections, and the resilience of the human spirit, set against the backdrop of two distinctive landscapes.

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