The Consul’s Taming by Bella Blair (ePUB)

consul's taming, bella blair

The Consul’s Taming (Intergalactic Alliance #4) by Bella Blair – Free eBooks Download


So many females to choose from… but I only want HER!
Selena: The Lord Consul Garrath Ryx is the greatest lecher in the universe, and I despise him with all my heart. Unfortunately, he is also the one person I need to persuade to champion Earth if we humans want to survive.
When I finally meet him face to face, I am entirely unprepared for his all-consuming persona, his charm, and good looks. And pretty soon, he is all I can think about.
Garrath: I hate my post as Consul to Earth. I am a male of action, not some diplomat. The only perk this job offers is a constant stream of willing Earth females to pass the time until I can leave this gods forsaken place.
Until fate throws the most stubborn, unreasonable, evil-tempered temptress at me. And suddenly, all I can think about is how to make her MINE? How can I make her look at me with desire instead of spite?
She calls me a lecher. Well, as such, I learned a thing or two, and I will make sure she will eat out of my hands soon—as the Earthlings like to say.

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