The Christmas Nemesis List by Dani Hall (ePUB)

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The Christmas Nemesis List by Dani Hall – Free eBooks Download


Spencer hates peppermint. She hates holiday parties. She keeps a running tally of all the things she despises about Christmas. And when Spencer meets a new coworker who is strangely quiet, she immediately adds him to her enemy list.

Ary—who is tall, dark, and broody—finds Spencer’s long list of holiday dislikes amusing. He discovers Spencer is spending Thanksgiving alone, and she begrudgingly accepts his invitation to join him for the holiday. Spencer quickly becomes captivated by Ary, who is exceptionally thoughtful. Ary, determined to get closer to Spencer, makes a wager that he can eliminate all of the items on Spencer’s holiday hate list before New Year’s. Spencer accepts the bet, and Ary endeavors to give her new and heartwarming holiday experiences. Between Christmas movie marathons, tree farms, and family gatherings, Spencer feels a sense of holiday magic for the first time in a long time. And even though her ex begins making appearances, and her boss is behaving strangely, Spencer finds herself falling in love with more than just the items on her Christmas nemesis list.

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