The Captain and his Thief by Katy Haye (ePUB)

captain and thief, katy haye

The Captain and his Thief (The Pirate’s Revenge #1) by Katy Haye – Free eBooks Download


Your enemy’s enemy is your friend…
Pirate Hakan’s crew was scattered when they were all sold into slavery a year ago. Now, he’ll do whatever it takes to reunite them. Steal a boat? That’s nothing! Persuade its furious captain to help him? That’s harder – until he discovers Ramorran’s sworn enemy is also the man imprisoning his crew.

Never trust a pirate…
Ramorran abandoned his family for the man he loved, only to be betrayed. Now, he can’t return home without what his deceitful pirate lover stole. Hakan’s offer to help is tempting – as is the man himself. But Ramorran is determined never to fall for a pirate again. He’ll stick with Hakan until they’ve taken revenge and not a minute longer.

They’re stronger together…
Vengeance drives them both like an ocean current, but as enemies multiply, friends show their true colours, and secrets threaten to spill like a boat holed in battle, Hakan and Ramorran will need to trust each other to defeat the deadly pirate king.

And are they both so focused on past hurts that they’re missing out on something far more precious right in front of them?

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