The Broken Vessel by Winter Rose (ePUB)

broken vessel, winter rose

The Broken Vessel (The Chronicles of Luna Moon #2) by Winter Rose – Free eBooks Download


Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined my new reality.
Sure, my skills were more than enough to ensure my acceptance into the Elite Warriors–my badassery was never in question.
However, I didn’t expect to be told that I was a weapon, forged by the goddesses themselves, to protect the balance between darkness and light. Oh, and I certainly didn’t predict the gift of six sworn guardians—six incredibly powerful, god-level-attractive, possessive guardians.
The kicker?
In order to become the weapon foretold, I will need to bond with each one.
Sounds fun right?
Well let me assure you, after only meeting four of them, they are proving to be more than I can handle, and I’ve not even met the final two.
The fifth has been imprisoned for the past two decades, tortured by the rebel force, and the sixth, is the man he needs saving from.
Will my soul ever be complete, or will I always remain The Broken Vessel?

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