The Bride Collector by Cari Silverwood (ePUB)

bride collector, cari silverwood

The Bride Collector (Kings of Sorrows and Dreams #1) by Cari Silverwood – Free eBooks Download


Today I met Harrow, the man I cannot love.
Viktoria had the tragic childhood no one wishes for. She’s not normal and she knows it, but she’s made a living investigating and dispelling paranormal presences.
She’s afraid to dream of togetherness and love, let alone climb into bed with a man and kiss, until she visits Harrow’s Bookshop and finds a man who isn’t quite what he should be. He is just – like – her, but different….and possessed by a kraken, and an incubus.
Harrow and Viktoria will need to get past demonic possessions, demonic evictions, general mayhem, and the immortal at the center of a web of bridal abductions and murders, before they can rest, breathe, pant, and fling clothes aside.
Clothes flinging, gasping, and panting may also occur earlier in this book…as in a lot earlier.
Viktoria – Will she finally get to use the Romance word in her diary, as well as the F word and the D word?
Harrow – He just wants her, any which way, even after he becomes two instead of three.
Ashcadel – When the incubus gets free of Harrow and takes full possession of a new, A-grade, man-bod, there is only one annoying female he wants to turn upside down and thoroughly explore – Viktoria.
Beez – lurks inside Harrow, he waits, and he lends a few helping tentacles when the need for violence is great or the steam is off the chain.
Lump – is an arrogant supernatural feline and a creature of nightmare. But fear him not. All Lump wants is to purr in Viktoria’s lap, fetch what her heart desires, and watch the action when her three males get busy.

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