The Bratva Bosses’ Surrogate by Celeste Riley (ePUB)

bratva bosses' surrogate, celeste riley

The Bratva Bosses’ Surrogate (The Bratva Billionaires’ Club #2) by Celeste Riley – Free eBooks Download


Trading my womb for security was the plan. Now, kidnapped by the Bratva bosses I never knew, the stakes are life and death.
In the pulse of New York’s relentless energy, Sofia, that’s me, embarked on surrogacy for the payday of a lifetime.
Little did I anticipate the billionaire Bratva bosses—Ivan, Maxim, and Viktor—would hijack my journey.
Abducted and thrust into their opulent world, defiance sparked an intoxicating dance of desire.
What began as captivity twisted into a web of passion and complex emotions.
As shadows of my pregnancy reached rival factions, danger loomed, challenging our newfound unity.
The imminent birth promises a fresh chapter, yet veiled secrets threaten to unravel the delicate threads of our Bratva love story.

Within the silent walls of our penthouse, my heart shelters secrets that could either fortify our love or shatter the fragile bonds of our Bratva tale.

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