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The Boyfriend Experience by Ami Van – Free eBooks Download


“Never before had she dreamed that she’d meet a man that would love her thoroughly in this life let alone three men. One broke her. One shattered her. One healed her. ”

Floating from day to day just didn’t cut it anymore for photographer, Ava Westin. With a tragic past, she kept people at arm’s length without realizing it, using only her work as a means of connecting with people but always remaining just outside of the picture. It just wasn’t working anymore. Passion was burning out and she needed something new.

She needed more…she needed to find her place. She needed to belong.

When an online dating profile inspires her to take an impromptu trip where she gets stuck on a mountain, she is forced to face herself and survive the storm that is Nathan Garrett, a former Marine with his own demons.

But with love, comes drama and turmoil. Friendships are tested and fate has much in store for her.

Set in the backdrop of a beautiful small town in Montana, find out how Ava overcomes her past, discovers her inner strength, and experiences all that comes with accepting and giving love.

Content Warning: This 120k-word stand-alone novel contains elements of cheating and dark themes including suicide and mental health which may be triggering to some readers.

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