The Bossy Billionaire by Samantha Skye (ePUB)

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The Bossy Billionaire (The Baltimore Boys #5) by Samantha Skye – Free eBooks Download


The minute I found out my real identity, things were never the same.

Now I have a bookshop on the brink of bankruptcy and I have no idea how to get my shop profitable, until my brother’s best friend shows up to be my new business coach.
Huxley Hamilton is a billionaire who is smart and sauve with women falling at his feet. He is also frustrating, infuriating, bossy and a playboy, his reputation precedes him wherever he goes.
He shows an interest in my bookshop as a favor to my brother, but I don’t need his help, his annoying smirk or the feeling of butterflies that dance inside of me whenever he is around.
We don’t see eye to eye at first but then the tables turn when he starts taking an interest in me. His hand fits too well around my waist, his protectiveness feels exactly like what I have been missing and he pushes me to do things that are well out of my comfort zone.
But the magnetic attraction we have stalls when one of his ex’s comes back into town.You know what they say, once a playboy, always a playboy.

Except now I know how to play the game. I just don’t know all the players and I think they are all after me.

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