The Blue Shoal Inn by Lilly Mirren (ePUB)

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The Blue Shoal Inn (Coral Island #3) by Lilly Mirren – Free eBooks Download


The Blue Shoal Inn faces its biggest challenge yet. Will it close its doors, or will Taya find a way to save it?

Taya’s inn is under threat. Her father’s company has built a five star resort in Blue Shoal and is taking her business. She renovates the inn, as a last ditch effort to keep it afloat, but will finally have to make a decision about whether to hold onto the past or embrace the future.
When her father hires a handsome manager for his new resort, Taya wants to hate him but witnesses him do something unexpected that causes everything she thought she believed to unravel.
Rowan reconnects with his estranged stepfather, Buck, but questions still hang over Buck’s head about the murder of Penny’s grandmother. He was once a suspect, but was cleared of any wrongdoing. Still, Penny and her friends do some digging and will discover that not everything is as it seems. When, Rowan and Penny have a decision to make that could mean big changes for both of them, they’ll learn a truth about their past that has been hidden for far too long.

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