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blooming of bud, robin knight

The Blooming of Bud (Mulligan’s Mill #2) by Robin Knight – Free eBooks Download


With my secret lifelong dream about to blossom into a reality, I’m ready to open my flower shop Bud’s Blooms and turn over a whole new petal. But when a new arrival in Mulligan’s Mill—fancy French pastry chef Pascal Dupont—decides to open a new patisserie right next door, I find myself more than just a little distracted by the grumpy, gorgeous Parisian chef.
I’ve never been attracted to a guy before. Hell, I’ve never been attracted to anyone. But there’s something about Pascal that gives me tingles and drives me kinda crazy. The only problem is, I have no idea how to win him over. Maybe, with a little help from my friends, I’ll get all the love advice I need to become the smooth, suave, sophisticated gentleman that Pascal might notice. If only stupid Cupid can get his aim right.

Sacre bleu! How the hell did I find myself in a place like Mulligan’s Mill, a white-picket, tiny-minded, tin-can town that couldn’t be further than my glittering, glamorous Paris if it tried? But there’s a secret hiding somewhere in this small American town that will save my reputation and send my culinary career soaring. And so I’ve been forced to buy the old bakery and search for the clues that will bring me the buttery magic I so deserve.
Of course, I knew that finding the answer to my secret wouldn’t be easy. What I wasn’t expecting was the distraction of my hot, hunky, American neighbor. He’s sweet, he’s smiley, he’s as dumb as a daisy and just as pretty. Who knew I had a type? But I’ve been working so hard on my career, even I didn’t know how much a man like Bud would make my heart bloom.
Now the question is, can I solve my mystery, save my career and win the heart of my American-pie sweetheart without setting the temperature too high and burning my chances of finally finding true love?

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